Demolition Safety Precautions and Tips

Demolishing a building requires attention to details in order to protect workers and neighboring buildings. Learn how to demolish a building safely and precisely before you begin, and when in doubt, ask for advice.

Once the appliance, furniture is removed from the building and all utilities are shut off, it’s time to seek out anything that can be reused or recycled, like pipes and copper wires. In some cases, you can recoup some of the demolition costs by selling certain materials to recycling facilities. However, when everyone participates in recycling, the price of precious metals will remain reasonable.

It is also a good idea to gently remove reusable features by hand. Similarly, commercial buildings may have tiles or glass windows that can be reused or recycled. It is wise to analyze the building in detail and to determine the value of recyclable materials. Occasionally, it won’t be as important to remove some items as they are abundant on the market. Yet, a majority of buildings contain over 75% reusable materials, which can easily be removed before the structure is demolished. It is possible to grind even low value materials into aggregates. The best demolition teams avoid cutting corners at all costs, so try to repurpose what you can. It is imperative that you take extra precaution when it comes to asbestos.

Renovations performed with lead-based paint do not fall under the EPA’s lead-based paint regulations. However, it is still better to take the right precautions to prevent yourself, your crew, and your community from harmful lead exposure during a full demolition. Devastation is imminent as you can see, demolition is rife with dangers well before any power tools are brought in to knock down the building. Before you prepare the wrecking ball on demolition day, make sure the area is secure in case anyone wanders too close. As a result of the possibility of flying debris, ensure that everyone in close proximity is wearing hardhats, protective eyewear, or boots that provide protection. The site cleanup process begins once the buildings have been reduced to a pile of rubble. This will allow the land to be prepared so that a new building can be constructed there instead.

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