AD&R Inc. specializes in providing reliable and safe demolition services to clients throughout the South East in Mississippi. From buildings to structures of varying materials, sizes, and types, interior and exterior demolition, we have the experience, manpower, and resources to handle all demolition projects. Using both conventional and explosive methods, we have dismantled and demolished structures throughout the Mississippi, safely and efficiently, for nearly a 17 Year.


We are professional Demolishing company.

We can handle entire demolition, removal of construction debris, and brush cutting processes from start to finish, but we do it differently than the rest. All projects are completed on time, on budget, environmentally safe, and socially responsible, no matter the size. We are licensed and fully insured. Our qualified demolition team will meet the highest standards of the industry. Exceptionally trained, certified, and skilled employees are the hands-down selection criteria we use.

Our reputation has been developed over the years by building long-standing relationships with clients.

AD&R Inc. has earned a reputation of reliability and trust among building owners by following our methods and loving our results. Thanks to our reputation, we can continue to hope and expect to hear from you.

You will be able to get started as soon as possible on your new building project or a remodeling project when you get our site preparation methods. Getting you ready for your next project as soon as possible involves demolishing and clearing out what needs to go and leaving the rest standing. Speak with our expert today to receive an estimate or for more information.